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Les utilisateurs d’imprimantes 3D Anycubic signalent un piratage visant à les informer d’une vulnérabilité de sécurité

Dans l’univers technologique, la sécurité reste une préoccupation majeure. Récemment, les utilisateurs d’imprimantes 3D Anycubic ont été confrontés à une situation inattendue. En effet, leurs appareils ont été compromis, non pas pour causer des dommages, mais pour les alerter d’une faille de sécurité potentielle dans les systèmes de l’entreprise. Crédit 123RF Un avertissement inattendu Les…

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This Chinese electric car giant will produce in Europe and that could change a lot of things

Chinese manufacturer BYD, the world's second-largest electric car manufacturer, plans to set up one or more factories in Europe over the next few years. A strategy that could allow it to increase its sales on the Old Continent, and in particular in France. For some time now, Chinese brands have been making headlines. Indeed, it is a long time ago when these had a low-end image and almost all produced pale copies of models already existing in Europe or the United States. Today, these no longer have anything to envy from the manufacturers present on the Old Continent, benefiting in particular from the know-how and innovations of European brands , which produce more and more of their vehicles there. A NEW ACTOR Indeed, and as recalled by a report from Jato Dynamics , no less than 20% of electric cars sold in Europe in August were made in China . A worrying situation, which risks changing our continent from the status of exporter to that of importer by 2025, to the detriment of competitiveness and jobs. Nevertheless, and while many manufacturers such as Tesla , BMW , Renault and more recently Cupra are outsourcing their production, some Chinese brands are opting for the opposite strategy. This is particularly the case of BYD , which has announced its intention to build a factory in Europe...

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