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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

(Albert Einstein)

No one denies that technology has immensely significant effects on our business operations and interpersonal dealings. Irrespective of the size of a corporation, everyone is be getting aided by technology in one way or another. Our culture, infrastructure, and efficient operations are determined by our use of technological media. Transcribing the demands of consumers into successful products further translates to the success and profit a company is making. In short, we are nothing without technology unarguably. However, the question arises that how has technology initiated? It has initiated from nothing but human potential.

Human intellect has given birth to this giant of technology so humanity isn’t supposed to be subversive to technology, in fact, both need to operate side by side to make this Earth a better place to survive. TechAbout is such a startup. Aiming to translate human potential and technological advancements into success, the company started back in 2017 with a small group of talented minds. Currently, the company is operating nationally and internationally and serving reputable clients all over the globe.


The company is being run under the leadership of Jazib Zaman who belongs to Gujranwala, Pakistan. He pictures the use of technology for welfare of whole humankind. With this venture, he wishes to defy what Einstein stated about the technology. The whole idea is to ease humanity and not to undermine it.

As an IT company, TechAbout is an all-rounder in the premium and value-added services that software houses provide. From business development to establishing a firm footing on social media, TechAbout can be an excellent choice for those who wish to operate remotely and in-house. The company has excellent professionals from leading universities of the world who emphasis on remarkable quality and lightning-fast project delivery at the same time.


An IT house is all about software and websites. TechAbout is much more than that. Software development is indeed a core competency that the firm owns. The company develops mobile-based and web-based software and applications to bring you closer to the consumers.

TechAbout deals with the complete website development and all kinds of hosting services. The company is a specialist in developing and customizing WordPress plugins and solutions. You can have all done in one place once you have approached the right service provider.

One of the well-known services provided by TechAbout is Search Engine Optimization. The company takes the hassle of not only developing a website for you but also makes sure that it reaches a remarkable ranking and Google gets to know you.

Your online business is undone if you don’t have an online store! TechAbout manages and makes your customized online store and ensures your excellence in e-commerce. Furthermore, the e-commerce store can just be an integrated part of your website which is simple to operate and adds extra value to your business.

Social Media presence is the key to success for businesses these days. With the rising use of Social Media platforms, the best niche is out for you to target. TechAbout helps you plan your digital marketing campaigns and ensures a fortified presence advertised over the rightly-targeted audience.

A company cannot flourish without exceptional customer service. TechAbout stands out because of its responsive and concerned customer care services. Client satisfaction is the key around which professionals are trained to operate and serve. 27/4 online support leaves clients and companies just a few dials away.

TechAbout Projects

In the short span since its birth, TechAbout has established a firm footing in the WordPress market. The company has developed some best-selling WordPress themes and has served some reputable projects that include WPArena, MoneySite, CTRSpace, ThemeBounce, WPDesigner, and WPOutcast.

The company plans to expand its ties across the globe and make sure the technology plays the role what it was intended for. Indeed, it can an excellent option for those who wish their ventures to be known and get a life.

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